Reviews of simulations, games and virtual labs for STEM education. This page is being updated throughout December 2019 as I convert this web site to a newer version of WordPress.

These “micro-reviews” provide a link to the resource or organization, a thumbnail image to provide a “flavor” of each resource or collection, the creators or owners (to help you assess credibility and longevity), and the cost (if any).

Climate Change Mitigation Simulator

Climate Change Mitigation Simulator

Choose your priorities and select mitigation strategies to meet your goals with this simple climate change mitigation simulator.

Concorde Consortium

Concord Consortium

The Concord Consortium has various educational simulations and data analysis tools, including: Energy2D (physics) and Energy3D (green buildings), Molecular Workbench, SageModeler, SmartGraphs, CODAP, and more!

Extreme Event Role-playing Simulation

Extreme Event Role-playing Simulation

Role-playing simulation for groups in which players assume roles as city leaders to prepare for and react to a natural disaster. Two scenarios: coastal city struck by hurricane or inland city with river flooding. Low-tech and high-tech (using laptops or tablets) variants available; also uses cards.

ExploreLearning Gizmos: Pond Ecosystem image

Gizmos by ExploreLearning

ExploreLearning has created hundreds of simulations for math and science, primarily for students in grades 3-12 (also some college-level). Science simulations cover a range of subjects, with the largest collections in physics.

Monash Simple Climate Model

Monash Simple Climate Model

A full climate model, simplified for educational use. Includes numerous example scenarios and challenge exercises for students; some involve depictions of alien worlds from science fiction movies and books!

PhET Glacier simulation


PhET hosts a collection of dozens of interactive simulations. Originally focused on physics education, PhET now includes sims for chemistry, math, Earth science and biology as well.