Author: Randy Russell

  • NASA Climate Kids

    NASA Climate Kids

    The games section of NASA’s Climate Kids web site includes Wild Weather Adventure, Whirlwind Disaster, Weather Slyder, Cloud Picture Scrambles, Power Up!, Offset, Weather Word Cross, and Missions to Planet Earth.

  • BBC Climate Challenge

    BBC Climate Challenge

    In the Climate Challenge role-playing policy game, you are the leader of the European Union. Select policies to reduce carbon emissions while retaining enough popularity to remain in office.

  • Annenberg – Carbon Cycle & Energy Labs

    Annenberg – Carbon Cycle & Energy Labs

    The Habitable Planet curriculum includes lab simulations for the carbon cycle and for energy. Creator: Annenberg Learner (Annenberg Foundation) Cost: free

  • Concord Consortium – Climate & Atmosphere

    Concord Consortium – Climate & Atmosphere

    The Concord Consortium has several educational models that explore topics in climate, air pollution and air quality, the water cycle, and other aspects of atmospheric science. Resources include: Global Climate Change Model, Hurricane Explorer Model, Air Pollution Model (aerial), Air Pollution Model (cross-section), Hydraulic Fracturing Model, Water Model, Land Management Model, and Sunlight, Infrared, CO2…

  • Solve the Outbreak – CDC

    Solve the Outbreak – CDC

    Become a CDC Disease Detective in Solve the Outbreak and try to save lives as you solve clues and stop outbreaks of disease. Level 1 has twelve outbreak scenarios, while level 2 has eight more. Creators: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Cost: free

  • Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague

    Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague

    Bio Inc. is a simulation game in which players assume the role of a disease that is trying to kill a patient. Select diseases, risk factors, and factors that inhibit recovery to make your victim as ill as possible. The Windows PC version also allows you to role-play the doctor that tries to save the…

  • Plague, Inc. – Ndemic

    Plague, Inc. – Ndemic

    In Plague, Inc. the player takes on the role of a disease and attempts to infect and wipe out the entire population of the world before humans can develop a cure. Creator: Ndemic Creations Cost: $1 for the app for mobile devices; $15 for the computer or console version

  • Rice Web Adventures – Health & Medicine

    Rice Web Adventures – Health & Medicine

    Games in the Web Adventures series enable players to explore medical and health topics, including microbiology, body systems, neuroscience, and forensic science. Web Adventures include: MedMyst (infectious diseases), CSI: The Experience (forensic science), Reconstructors (substance abuse & neuroscience), Virtual Clinical Trials (medical research), and Neuropolis Squad (alcohol & body systems). Creator: Rice University Center for…

  • Infection Bio War

    Infection Bio War

    Players become the disease in Infection – Bio War as they try to wipe out the world’s population before a cure is found. This app for iOS mobile devices (iPads and iPhones) allows players to choose traits for their disease, helping it to spread.

  • Pandemic Board Game

    Pandemic Board Game

    Pandemic is a cooperative board game for 2-4 players. Each player assumes the role of one of seven specialists who work together to try to halt the spread of a global pandemic. Several expansions and spinoffs have been developed since the publication of the original game in 2008. Creator: Z-Man Games Cost: $40