Author: Randy Russell

  • Annenberg Disease Lab

    Annenberg Disease Lab

    The Habitable Planet curriculum includes an interactive Disease Lab simulator. The lab includes four diseases: Kold, a caricature of the common cold; Impfluenza, which resembles influenza; Neasles, with the high transmission rate of measles; and Red Death, a fast-spreading epidemic with a high mortality rate.

  • PhET


    PhET hosts a collection of dozens of interactive simulations. Originally focused on physics education, PhET now includes sims for chemistry, math, Earth science and biology as well. Creator: University of Colorado at Boulder Cost: free

  • Monash Simple Climate Model

    Monash Simple Climate Model

    A full climate model, simplified for educational use. Includes numerous example scenarios and challenge exercises for students; some involve depictions of alien worlds from science fiction movies and books!

  • Gizmos by ExploreLearning

    Gizmos by ExploreLearning

    ExploreLearning has created hundreds of simulations for math and science, primarily for students in grades 3-12 (also some college-level). Science simulations cover a range of subjects, with the largest collections in physics.

  • Extreme Event Role-Playing Simulation

    Extreme Event Role-Playing Simulation

    Role-playing simulation for groups in which players assume roles as city leaders to prepare for and react to a natural disaster. Two scenarios: coastal city struck by hurricane or inland city with river flooding. Low-tech and high-tech (using laptops or tablets) variants available; also uses cards.

  • Concord Consortium

    Concord Consortium

    The Concord Consortium has various educational simulations and data analysis tools, including: Molecular Workbench, Energy2D (physics) and Energy3D (green buildings), Tectonic Explorer, Global Climate Change Model, Hurricane Explorer Model, Air Pollution Model (aerial), Air Pollution Model (cross-section), Hydraulic Fracturing Model, Water Model, Density, Land Management Model, Sunlight, Infrared, CO2 and the Ground, SageModeler, SmartGraphs, CODAP,…

  • Climate Change Mitigation Simulator

    Climate Change Mitigation Simulator

    Choose your priorities and select mitigation strategies to meet your goals with this simple climate change mitigation simulator.

  • Annenberg Learner

    Annenberg Learner

    The Habitable Planet curriculum includes simulators for the carbon cycle, demographics, disease, ecology and energy.

  • Sandbox Post

    Sandbox Post

  • AGU Fall Meeting 2019 – Games

    Sessions at the AGU 2019 Fall Meeting that include educational games, simulations, or VR/AR.