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  • Time Hopper

    These are experiments with platformer games from various tutorials. I plan to make a platformer game that draws attention to important events that have happened throughout the “deep time” history of the Universe. This version of a JavaScript-based game uses the Phaser 3 library. Three versions of platformer games from tutorials are presented:

  • Concord Consortium – Climate & Atmosphere

    Concord Consortium – Climate & Atmosphere

    The Concord Consortium has several educational models that explore topics in climate, air pollution and air quality, the water cycle, and other aspects of atmospheric science. Resources include: Global Climate Change Model, Hurricane Explorer Model, Air Pollution Model (aerial), Air Pollution Model (cross-section), Hydraulic Fracturing Model, Water Model, Land Management Model, and Sunlight, Infrared, CO2…

  • Sandbox Post

    Sandbox Post