This list of presentations by Dr. Randy Russell includes talks and posters at scientific and technical meetings, workshops at professional development events for teachers and other educators, online webinars, and more.








  • April 3-6 – National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) – National Conference – Boston, Massachusetts
    • “Using Virtual Field Experiences in Earth Science Education” (hands-on workshop) – Friday, April 4
    • “What We Know About Climate!” (hands-on workshop) – Saturday, April 5
    • “Climate Models: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know, Ask, and Teach” (hands-on workshop) – Saturday, April 5
    • NESTA Oceans & Atmosphere Share-a-thon
  • July 9-18 – CMMAP (Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes) summer workshops for teachers – presented climate and modeling resources and activities to middle and high school teachers – Fort Collins, Colorado
  • November 21 – Colorado Science Conference – Denver, Colorado
    • “Games & Simulations for Science Education” (hands-on workshop)
    • “Playing with Climate and Weather” (hands-on workshop)
  • December 19 – American Geophysical Union (AGU) Annual Meeting – organized and chaired sessions ED52A (talks) and ED53B (posters) “Games, Interactive Simulations, and Virtual Labs for Science Teaching and Learning” – San Francisco, California

Prior to 2014

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