This list of publications by Dr. Randy Russell includes articles, research papers, and items in conference proceedings that Dr. Russell authored or co-authored.

NESTA The Earth Scientist - Winter 2012 issue
Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
  • Bhaduri, S., Gendreau, A., Koushik, V.S., Sumner, T., Ristvey, J., and Russell, R. (2018). Promoting Low Income Middle School Students Motivation and Persistence in an Afterschool Engineering Program. In Johnson, J.B. & Johnson, J.M. (Eds.) STEM21: Equity in Teaching and Learning to meet Global Challenges of Standards, Engagement and Transformation. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.
  • Bhaduri, S., Van Horne, K., Ristvey, J., Russell, R., and Sumner, T. (2018) From Toys to Tools: UAVs in Middle-school Engineering Education. American Society for Engineering Education Conference and Exposition. Salt Lake City, Utah. July 2018.
  • Bhaduri, S., Van Horne, K., Sumner, T., Russell, R., and Ristvey, J. (2018) Learning Engineering Practices Through Drones: Iterative design of an informal learning curriculum. 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS). London, UK. June 2018.
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  • Scranton, A.B., Russell, R.M., Basker, N. and Scranton, L.C. (1999) Teaching Material and Energy Balances on the Internet. Proceedings of the 1999 American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference [won the J.J. Martin Award for the most outstanding Chemical Engineering Division paper presented at the conference]
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