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  • VR & AR Examples for Earth Science Education

    VR & AR Examples for Earth Science Education

    This list of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) environments and software includes resources relevant to Earth science education topics. This is not a comprehensive list; just some items that I’ve seen in seminars or conference talks or assorted other venues. I don’t know the status of the projects or the software they produced,…

  • EdGCM


    EdGCM is a research-grade Global Climate Model (GCM) with a user-friendly interface that is suitable for use by students and can be run on a personal computer.

  • Game Doctor

    Game Doctor

    Game Doctor is a Scottish-based studio focused on developing games and interactive technology for science and health education. Their games include Killer Fungus: Evolution (for iOS, Android, and Mac & Windows computers), Bacteria Combat (for iOS and Android), and Fungal Invaders (for iOS and Mac & Windows computers).

  • NOAA SEA Games

    NOAA SEA Games

    The games section of NOAA’s Sea, Earth, Atmosphere (SEA) web site includes several interactives and simple games about the ocean and aquatic habitats. Creator: NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management Cost: free

  • SciJinks Weather Games

    SciJinks Weather Games

    The games section of the SciJinks web site features games, simulations, and other multimedia about weather, satellite meteorology, and Earth science. The site is developed by the NASA Space Place team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS). Creator: NASA and NOAA Cost: free

  • NOAA Games “Planet Arcade”

    NOAA Games “Planet Arcade”

    This collection features several games and puzzles from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Most of the resources are related to water, the oceans, and aquatic environments.

  • CIMSS & WeatherWise Weather & Climate Apps

    CIMSS & WeatherWise Weather & Climate Apps

    This large collection of web apps covers a broad range of topics in weather, climate, and the atmospheric sciences. A visual menu on the CIMSS site and a topic outline on the WeatherWise site both link to an overlapping set of interactives created by faculty at the University of Wisconsin.

  • KCVS Climate Solutions

    KCVS Climate Solutions

    In the Climate Solutions simulation you make choices that determine humanity’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions during the 21st century. Select options for electricity production and use, transportation, land use, buildings, and materials. Try to reduce GHG emissions by eliminating “wedges” from the emissions graph.

  • Disease Spread – Simulation Animations

    Disease Spread – Simulation Animations

    Several authors have written articles or created videos about the spread of infectious disease and how it can be modeled with simulations. These articles include visualizations that help illustrate the mathematics behind the simulations. Some include interactive features; others show visuals representing different cases. If you want to investigate simulations of disease spread yourself, check…

  • Climate Interactive

    Climate Interactive

    Climate Interactive has created several simulations and role-playing games related to climate science and policy. Their simulation models include: En-ROADS (energy policy), C-ROADS (international policy), and ALPS (Agriculture and Land Policy Simulator). Their role-playing simulation games include: Climate Action Simulation, World Climate Simulation, and Agritopia (agricultural policy).

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