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  • Portfolio: Drone Science Mission Board Game

    Portfolio: Drone Science Mission Board Game

    The Drone Science Mission Board Game simulates a scientific mission to monitor a volcano, using sensors carried by a drone aircraft. Randy Russell developed the game, while working for the UCAR Center for Science Education (UCAR SciEd), as part of a larger engineering education project. The Engineering Experiences project, geared towards middle school students, was…

  • Portfolio: Eratosthenes Measured Earth (Animation)

    Portfolio: Eratosthenes Measured Earth (Animation)

    The Greek astronomer, mathematician and geographer Eratosthenes of Cyrene (276-194 BC) was the first person to accurately measure the circumference of Earth. This animation illustrates his method. Randy Russell developed this animation (using the now-defunct Flash animation software) for a citizen science project as part of his work on the Windows to the Universe web…